Ten commandment of dating

By not letting stereotypes get in the way of what feels natural, you give yourself and your interest an even playing field to begin something authentic.

We all have a list of dos and deal-breakers, that mental checklist of things we will and will not accept in a mate.

When it comes to dating, we’ve all wished for some set of similar guidelines to let us know what rules to play by, a universal code that sets forth a collection of clear-cut understandings. And until it does, the best we can do is rely on the traditional practice of living and learning.

After years of dating, I wouldn’t say I have it all figured out, but I definitely have a decent grasp on a few right and wrong moves we all make when seeking relationships.

Those guys are tools, and you know you won’t like them anyway, so don’t try and hold us to that stupid standard. You will ruin the moment (see #2), and we’ll think you are uptight and spazzy.

Everyone you encounter will have his or her allocated amount of baggage and quirks, but ultimately, all that matters is the person.Imagine how much easier things would be if we could all follow these 10 commandments of dating: Okay, so we’re all fluent in the basics.Wait two to four days before suggesting a second date, so you won’t seem needy.They seem noble, really, and they're simple enough.Don’t lie, don’t steal and don’t sleep with your neighbor’s husband; I can get down with that.

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