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His pinched and concave neck bolts proved highly cost-efficient and reduced the risk of splitting wood when driving the bolts into a workpiece.

By 1905, there were over five hundred factories in the United States specializing in bolt and nut production.

Although these techniques greatly expanded previous production capabilities, they were similar in principle to the original processes established in the 1800s.

Clark also streamlined the bolt head formation process by using die compression to create both the head and the angled neck in the same operation.In standard usage, a fastener that is with a nut is usually considered a bolt.Without bolts, we would not be able to hold together the frames of cars or the arms and backs of chairs.The first machines used to produce metal bolts resembled cutting lathes and were invented in France in the mid-sixteenth century.However, it wasn’t until the nineteenth century and the beginning of mass production that bolts became the norm in industrial manufacturing.

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