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Both Fraggle Rock and Being Erica were produced by CBC.

In the episode "Knocker Nightmare," Jenna wears a green sling with googly eyes.In episode, "Boo, Dude," Jen Masterson has to dress up as a pig for Halloween at her job and one guy says, "Yo Miss Piggy, digging the snout, man." Nickelodeon sketch comedy show.In the pilot episode, a frog rapper (played by Kenan Thompson) is asked if Kermit is his father.In the season three episode "Bloody Ferlin," Archer's coworker, agent Ray Gillette, mentions that he once kept a diary with Miss Piggy on the cover.Gillette's brother claims that their father burnt the diary.

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"The Puppet Show" seen in the episode mixes elements of The Muppet Show (such as the logo and theater setting), Sesame Street (a brownstone and garage are seen on stage) and other references (including a rainbow on stage).

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