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It’s about time you started working out and caring for the physical appearance of your body a bit more.Eating healthy might make you feel good but it isn’t going to do wonders for the way it looks.Rather than going out of your way to interact with people online try finding someone in your own group to start spending time with.Look for that special someone at your workplace, family or friends, you never know what might happen.But take heart if online dating sites put you off, for many ordinary places make excellent potential meeting grounds.You may have to stretch your normal behavior — that is, you may have to reach out, assert yourself, be creative, act strategically and think outside the box.The first step of getting back in the game is making sure you’re ready to play the game.

And if romance does bloom, it may be hard to do your jobs when you're preoccupied with arranging "alone time." But relationships can take root and thrive in this fertile meeting ground.Set aside a couple of hours every day to manage your online dating site profiles and visit clubs to find that special someone.En español | Thousands of older Americans are eager to enter the dating scene but haven't figured out the best way to do it.My copywriter friend, Suzanne, started dating a fellow team member, Joe, at her advertising agency.Both were committed to their jobs, so they kept things secret for nearly a year, sitting apart at meetings and commuting to work separately — even after they had moved in together!

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