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She loves his tongue, but what she really wants is his big throbbing erection inside her pussy, pounding her hard in missionary position while she fondles her tits for him.She spreads her legs in front of him and he drives between them with his huge, aching cock.

She is so wet, his long cock slides inside her pussy hole well. The young naked girl rubs her muff while getting plowed by her very own step daddy; it’s such a turn on.

Last night there was a big storm so this beautiful blonde teen slept with her stepdad, since her mom is away on a business trip.

When she wakes up in the morning, she’s feeling very horny and wet, she can’t help notice her stepdad’s morning wood pitching a tent under the white sheets.

She knew what I meant and gave me the green light, lifting her crop top and showing me her fabulous tits, tiny yet firm, crowned by big puffy nipples, already fully erect.

I imagined her panties were already drenched in her pussy juices and I couldn’t wait to get a taste.

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Her dreams were to be a big star and when I told her I was in the film business her eyes opened so wide, I knew I had her in the palm of my hand.

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  1. The age of consent is 16 in my state (Michigan) so not a problem there. I think it is honorable that you are concerned with it being an issue! But we have to get to a point where we TRUST our children's judgement as well..treat them as the young adults that they are becoming.

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