Parenting teenage girls dating older boys

Within that framework, here are seven tips to help parents raise kids who know how to make well-considered decisions.1.

FILL IN GAPS AND DEBUNK MYTHSKaren Rayne, a sex educator in Texas and author of , says that parents shouldn't make assumptions about what their kids know.

Parents also can draw a line when kids ask intrusive questions.

"Parents need to normalise the dialogue and provide a space where kids can ask anything," she says.

One boy told him that if you clean your genitals with a medical disinfectant after sex, you can't get a sexually transmitted disease."Some of the misconceptions are disturbing, and as responsible adults we can take away the tension they create," he says.2.

ADMIT DISCOMFORT AND STAY CALMFor parents, acknowledging discomfort is a good first step."You can begin the conversation with, 'This is going to be awkward, but we're going to talk about it anyway because it's important'," Rayne says.

"I do know how babies are made," my then-8-year-old son recently told his 13-year-old sister.

She ignored him."Mum, he really doesn't," she said.

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TALK ABOUT YOUR FAMILY'S VALUESWhen Roffman talks to parents, she asks them to list at least five values they want their children to bring to all sexual situations they encounter in their lives.

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