Dating analogies

They ramble out of control because they’re so desperate to fill any possible silence with noise. He can’t deal with the potential that she might catch each other on phone becomes an opportunity to vomit his neediness all over the place and kill any excitement Nikki might have felt at seeing him again.They over-explain because they can’t leave something well enough alone. Let’s look at the worst case scenario: he get his number on the machine before it cut him off.But it’s the same sort of fear produced by horror movies or thrill-rides – you’re experiencing the fear in an otherwise safe environment; there’s no , that excitement doesn’t have the same opportunity to grow.There’s no thrill in knowing exactly what to expect and when.

Someone who’s needy will that fact early and often; they frequently can’t handle any sort of ambiguity. Calling back a second time is the start of the deluge of neediness that ultimately snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.If she didn’t, then it wouldn’t be unreasonable to call one more time a day or two later just to make sure that she got his number. The anticipation would’ve made their first date more intense and lead to a great shared story later on.But because he couldn’t handle the uncertainty, Mikey killed the attraction with his neediness.It all becomes routine, part of the background noise of your day to day existence.Even date-night becomes formulaic – the same basic activities with only the most minor variations on anniversaries and holidays.

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