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I approach long distance relationship questions like I’m doing emergency first aid – I need stop all of the damaging behaviors immediately and set you on the winning course immediately. In a regular relationship, you have room for error…

sure you might have some habits that push him away or turn him off, but there’s plenty of things you do when you’re together that make up for it.

and the quality of your interactions is determined by your mood. If you really care about your relationship, then you need to stop “caring” about your relationship.

When you stop stressing out and obsessing about your own fears, worries, and nightmare-scenarios, something great happens: you give the relationship room to breathe.

You can’t afford this in a long distance relationship.

QUIZ: Are You Accidentally Destroying Your Love Life? If you want your long distance relationship to work, you’re going to need to shift your focus outward.

Whether you’re in a LDR or not, relationships fall apart when your focus stops being on the person you’re with and starts shifting to you. There are many times where I’ll say to a woman, “You need to start putting energy into your man and your relationship and stop thinking about yourself.” She’ll look at me like I’m crazy, then retort, “ALL I do is focus on my relationship and him. ”.” That’s a big thing to consider – worrying about your relationship is wasted energy.

Actually, it’s worse – it’s a ritual that drains you of your happiness and replaces it with fear.

MORE: The Most Important Relationship Advice You Will Ever Receive In a long distance relationship, the relationship is stripped down to its core essence.

A lot of distractions are removed, as well as a lot of luxuries, which can make a relationship easier.

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