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He played the title role in 2006's Hannibal - Rome's Worst Nightmare for the BBC (UK).Early 2007, Siddig joined the cast of Un Homme Perdu aka A Lost Man and he returned to American television in the role of former terrorist Hamri Al-Assad for the sixth season of 24.In August 2010, he expressed his doubts about resurrecting Deep Space Nine, stating that he has "other ambitions".In 2013, Siddig appeared in the IFC film Inescapable with Marisa Tomei and Joshua Jackson.In 2005, he appeared as Saladin's aide, Imad, in Ridley Scott's film Kingdom of Heaven.He gave a critically lauded performance as Prince Nasir in Syriana, alongside George Clooney and Matt Damon.In 2009, he co-starred with Patricia Clarkson in the award-winning film Cairo Time (2009) as Tareq Khalifa, an Egyptian who battles his attraction to his friend's wife.

Originally brought in to audition for the role of Commander Benjamin Sisko, Berman decided Siddig was too young for the role and cast him as Dr. The part had to be slightly rewritten for Siddig as the original "bible" had called for an Hispanic male to play the part, named Julian Amoros, although Berman reports that no other actors were considered for the role.He also worked as a director in a small theatre in London.Siddig first appeared to television audiences as Prince Feisal in the 1990 TV sequel to Lawrence of Arabia titled A Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia.Muse Entertainment’s four-hour miniseries, starring Katie Holmes as Jacqueline Kennedy and Matthew Perry as Ted Kennedy, is slated to bow in spring 2017 on Reelz Channel.Siddig takes on the role of the Greek shipping tycoon who married Jackie Kennedy in 1968 in the follow-up to 2011’s eight-hour “The Kennedys” miniseries. rights to the docu series “The Real Story” from the U. The six episode series will tell the stories behind real events that inspired high-profile movies, including “Unbroken,” “American Sniper,” “Munich” and “Donnie Brasco.” ITV is distributing “Real Story” outside of the U.

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