Updating a ranch home

The focus on Messenger underscores Facebook's big play in local business.

And it's not the only big tech company interested in building out in that market.

The term estate properly alludes to estates comprising several farms, and is not well used to describe a single farm.

More generally and usually in modern times, an estate is any large packet of land in single ownership: see In the United States: Long Island, Westchester County, Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, and other affluent East Coast enclaves; the San Francisco Bay Area, early Beverly Hills, California, Montecito, California and other affluent West Coast enclaves are estates; all had strong traditions of large agricultural, grazing, and productive estates modeled on those in Europe.

Examples of such great estates are Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire, England, and Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire built to replace the former manor house of Woodstock.

People will also start to see different buttons on Facebook brand pages that will lead them to Messenger, including "Shop now," and "Play now" buttons.But after Wall Street analysts on the call seemed to get excited about the statement, Zuckerberg and Facebook brass walked back the comments.They clarified that making money from Messenger is still in its infancy and that the company would take its time with that.You can also book things like fitness classes through maps and search.Messenger is another big part of the company's business strategy.

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One of the more potentially damaging exploits was hidden in the i Phone's Wi-Fi chipset, where an attacker could take over a device remotely if it was searching for a signal.

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