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Vintners across Northern California are working to keep their families and staff safe, while also hoping to get back to their wineries and vineyards. In 2016, Sill purchased the former Ardente Estate Winery, including more than 24 acres planted on Atlas Peak. The fire destroyed a storage building on his property that housed 100 cases of wine. PST • The Paramenter family, owners of Vin Roc winery on Atlas Peak Road, confirmed that the winery's main house and guesthouse were destroyed, as well as equipment sheds and a barn.

• Napa in an email Friday that his winery, including all of the equipment and a guesthouse, were incinerated, but his vineyards survived. David Mahaffy of Heron Vineyard and Winery told that the Atlas fire reached his vineyards Oct. He helped battle flames as they approached his neighbor’s property, but had to evacuate.

"Roy Estate was completely devastated by the Atlas fire," said Kathryn Reynolds of Roy.

"We lost the main house, the guest cottage and the barn. The vineyards seem to have remained untouched thankfully.

"We have a lot in barrel already, but I also currently have at least seven fermentations that are running wild in the Caves, and I am so eager to get in there and check on their status and I’m prepared for the challenge to bring them home to dryness safely." • A houseguest woke Tom and Kerry Eddy of Tom Eddy Winery Sunday night after spotting flames on a ridge near their 22-acre property that sits on the Knights Valley and Calistoga border."First responders were bombing with flame retardant and trying to cut a fire break." • Hall Wines has two wineries in Napa Valley, which both appear safe.But they also own multiple vineyards in the valley, some of which lie in the fire zone. Helena and Rutherford wineries were operating, but the tasting rooms remain closed," said Mike Reynolds, Hall president.Grabbing what they could, the Eddys evacuated to a volunteer fire department and watched from a nearby vineyard as the fire shifted toward their winery. On Monday they returned home to find the house and crushpad still standing. "Our entire property is scorched, but we are feeling like a miracle happened. on Tuesday, shortly before the mandatory evacuation order.But the winds shifted again on Tuesday and they thought for sure the winery was gone. Of course, the game's not over and nature may have something more up her sleeve." • Lagier Meredith's Carole Meredith confirmed she evacuated from her home and vineyard on Mt. Police went to every house to get people out," she said, adding that the grapes were all in and her winery was safe for now, located on the valley floor. "Wish I could just fast-forward a few days and know whether our place survived.

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