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An employee needing a reasonable accommodation on a recurring basis, such as the assistance of a sign language interpreter, must submit the Confirmation form only for the first request.

However, the employee requesting accommodation must give appropriate advance notice each subsequent time the accommodation is needed.

When an individual (or third party) makes an oral request, the DPM must ensure that the Confirmation of Request form is filled out (see Appendix A).

The DPM must fill out the Form if the requestor does not.

No reasonable accommodation involving performance of the job will be provided without first informing an employees supervisor or, as appropriate, an office director. Common types of accommodations include: EEOC will process requests for reasonable accommodation and will provide reasonable accommodations where appropriate, in a prompt and efficient manner in accordance with the time frames set forth in these Procedures. While there are some things that are not considered reasonable accommodations (, removal of an essential job function or personal use items such as a hearing aid that is needed on and off the job), reasonable accommodations can cover most things that enable an individual to apply for a job, perform a job, or have equal access to the workplace and employee benefits such as kitchens, parking lots, and office events. These Procedures replace those issued in February 2001. Resolution of the Reasonable Accommodation Request H. Inquiries and Distribution Appendix A/Confirmation of Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form Appendix B/ Resolution of Reasonable Accommodation Request Form Appendix C/Reasonable Accommodation Information Reporting Form Appendix D/Utilizing Sign Language Interpreters at Headquarters Appendix E/Staff Assistant Slots Appendix F/Selected Reasonable Accommodation Resources Executive Order 13164 requires all Federal Agencies to establish procedures on handling requests for reasonable accommodation.

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Under the ergonomic program, for instance, an employee with carpal tunnel syndrome may request a specialized chair or wrist pad.

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