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We have completely re-organized how we handle tasks. The todos are simple enough to easily keep track of development items, and powerful enough to manage team members.

We were a company that relied on email and phone conversation too perform a lot of our tasks.

For the first 9 years, the committee did everything through email, meetings, etc, and there was one person in charge of following up with everyone and keeping everyone aware of what was going on.

Since I introduced them to Basecamp 3 and got them set up, we are all able to see everything that's going on, who needs help with what, what tasks need to be done and what is completed in real time.

With Basecamp, I'm able to focus on developing new content and tools.

All one off requests are added to an overarching project that we create on an annual basis.

Basecamp gives our international sales force a chance to bounce challenges off of each other.

New sales reps can learn from the veterans by either searching old posts for similar information or by posting new threads for collaborative feedback.

Then when they'd need to be involved, a ton of emails would be forwarded to them and just the different branches of replies would make it difficult to follow what was going on.

With messages in Basecamp, we choose to notify who we need to, but the team at any point can go through the list of comms in the Message board to catch up on the project and get the big picture.

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