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An added difficulty was that Morris would be asking Ugandans to answer intimate questions about their sexual behavior.So she replaced the impersonal language of standard questionnaires with a structured conversation.Of course, prostitutes in Zimbabwe may have more than 100 partners a year, just as prostitutes elsewhere in the world do, but most HIV-positive Zimbabweans are not prostitutes.

AIDS has killed Zulu nurses in South Africa, Masai teachers in Tanzania, Kikuyu housewives in Kenya, Pygmy elders in Uganda.Yet this country, with all these advantages, has the highest HIV-infection rate in the world.The virus has spread extremely rapidly in Botswana.Otherwise it would be irrelevant.”The idea that long-term simultaneous partnerships might increase the spread of HIV was first proposed by British epidemiologists Robert May and Charlotte Watts in 1992.But Morris had not seen their article when she set out for Uganda in 1993, and her mathematical tools were not up to the complicated task of modeling multiple long-term partnerships anyway.

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In the United States, less than 1 percent of the population is infected; in Russia and India the figure hovers around 1 percent.

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