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The politicians, administration officials, lawyers should all be hauled before a grand jury for trying to obstruct this criminal investigation.The lawyers should also be referred to bar counsel. They love law enforcement except when their conduct is under review. The fault isn’t with the guy trying to GET a job, it’s with the idiot in chief who put him in that place.This after we the taxpayers had to bail them out and regulate them to prevent it from happening again.Everyday we're taking multiple and a massive steps backwards as a nation. But now it's just a bunch of adults name calling after a few beers or some wine. If he did, why would he make their tax cuts expire in five years yet the tax cuts for corporations are permanent.I'm middle income and I know I'll see more money in my paycheck assuming it passes. Just because businesses are getting a break doesn't mean individuals aren't too. Well aren’t we tickled pink for Wells and other banks so they can pay their shareholders more, awesome, right?Esp since poor wells had that lil mishap that employees felt pressured to do in order to keep their jobs.

I will cut Regs but make penalties severe when caught cheating! Thank you for paying their fines oh Great Giant Peach.They’re all totally screwed if/when this thing falls apart.It’s why they’re trying desperately to push new false narratives such as Trump firing Mueller and Trump allies discrediting the investigation.Trump's allies in Congress If/when Trump is cleared of the collusion claims: Every MSM media outlet, the Democrats, the FBI, and everyone else who participated in selling this bogus narrative will, in fact, be guilty of playing right into the hands of the Russians.Thousands of hours dedicated to a narrative that is totally devoid actual evidence, yet nearly everyone on the left, including most MSM outlets, have staked their entire reputation on this issue.

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