Red flags for guy you are dating

Just think of how many celebrities have had their nudes hacked via the i Cloud hack.

Anyway, it is a red flag if your guy shares your special photos with other people.

Everyone hates negative people - I especially hate the whining guys.

This is all very natural and healthy - negative people bring us down, and they break down our inner ambition.

But if you are sincerely sad, and your boyfriend calls you a weak, whiny brat or spoiled kid, he doesn't really want to be with you, I'm sorry.

It is normal for a guy to have female friends, I mean it is 2017, bordering on 2018.

I'm just saying, you don't need a guy that treats you like you are worth less than him, because you aren't. Brad Pitt had an awesome role as "Rusty" in the epic movie Ocean's Eleven.

I don't like the other movies in the franchise, but that Is a topic for a different day.

I'm joking - of course, this is a terrible idea, and you should never date a guy that is friends with his ex.

For now, just know that you don't need a guy that manipulates you like a mouse does Swiss cheese.

Again, as with calling people fat, this is utterly okay, if done in a joking way or with someone close as a bartering tool.

Relationships are inherently risky business - you never know how much you can trust the person with you.

Sometimes you think you know a guy, only for him to turn his back on you - at the moment when you need him the most.

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