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In 1990, New York State sued a number of dating services owned by Helena Amram, contending that she charged more than 0 per client, then the maximum allowed by the state, and that she misrepresented some things, like the number of dates guaranteed.

A 1991 judgment ordered her to pay .5 million to 1,000 customers.

He uses neither computers or videos, but in this tightly regulated market, few competitors can afford to do so either. "I know exactly what I'm looking for." One triumph of his company, Field's Exclusive Service, involved a Saudi Arabian prince who requested a blond, blue-eyed woman living on the Upper East Side. Practitioners insist that there are no secrets in this field.

A Tough State Law Since 1971, New York State has had one of the toughest laws on dating services.Her enterprise transcends simply linking seemingly like-minded people. She charges 0 for matchmaking, New York State's old maximum fee, and around ,000 for allied consulting services.She prowls charity events, academic seminars and private parties in pursuit of someone who seems right for a client. In her two years in business, three of her couples have married.A year ago, the number dipped a bit but has since shot up to nearly the levels of the late 1980's, with 150 ads a week generating 8,000 pieces of mail.A 'Love Coach' Nobody seems able to make even ball park estimates of the number of local dating services, but one of the most prominent is one named for Denise Winston, its founder and self-described "love coach." Ms.

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